The Brand's goal is to create an ecosystem between companies industries to increase the value of production and local products, extend the life cycle of materials, increase the value of timeless and seasonless clothes, reduce the amount of polluting products for the environment. We also pay particular attention to the recycling of materials by joining circular economy programs. Our first collection in 2017 presented at London Fashion Week was about jeans, a real mission for us, to recover our customers' old jeans too, or the ancient American jeans to give new shapes to the fabric with an innovative & Fashion mood. In the 2018 winter collection and to date we have introduced an important and essential service for the reuse of old furs, to avoid the killing of new animals and reduce the pollution of old unused furs that are difficult to dispose of. Our internal laboratory is able to withdraw the old furs and with an ecological process they are unstitched, removed the interior made with polluting materials and revisited in fashion models or applications on new garments chosen from the collections of the Brand and reupholstered with colored interiors made on recycled polyester, printed with organic inks.