This capsule was created with the aim of raise awareness of the use of old furs, give them a new life and transform them into new fashion bomber-jackets, avoiding killing other animals to satisfy their frivolities.


This Mood represents the passion, the material that contaminates itself and expresses its strength. The red that steal into the skin, with dark veins, talk about an intense woman, made up of strong emotions that want to be lived.


The Black & Green woman is the one who makes her clothing a lifestyle. The Brand is oriented to find solutions that create a global production system that respects the environment, non-polluting and biodegradable


Sorry i'm different is a new startup of clothing for women, men and children made in Italy created by the stylist Ilaria Toncelli who has been working in the fashion sector for about 23 years as a designer.

The story that accompanies the idea of birth of this women's and children's clothing brand is very particular. A dream in the heart, an inscription in a tattoo that contains a thousand emotions, the words of the mother before dying are transformed into courage, determination, in a hard work done with the heart, made of subliminal messages that carry within themselves the great desire to impose a simple concept:

We all have two souls, one too careful to let us go far, the other too transgressive to be caged; the right choice is always to be different


Creative, different, in 2017 she launched her own brand "Sorry I'm Different".

With his taste for dressing people's souls she is able to give hes project a clear and well-defined identity and thanks to true Italian manufacturing, a guarantee of high quality standards, she builds a unique and exclusive product.

Dreamer and eclectic beyond fashion, she loves to paint, she does not lock her dreams in a drawer but makes them wearable.

She makes her "Different" lifestyle an icon and through hes social networks tells a new philosophy that entices people to stand out and makes it a mood of life to follow.


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